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Welcome to Bee County's oldest tradition - Western Week!

Beginning in 1915 as a parade by the Bee County Fair Association, the citizens of Bee County gathered for a festive parade, live bands and a pageant. Western Week became official in 1937 with the establishment of the Western Week Association and has hosted a parade, fair, live music & more since then. Some of Western Week's crowning & definitive days in nostalgia come from the late 80's and early 90's when rising stars like George Strait and Reba McIntyre were the featured performers. With the greater social changes that have plagued many small towns, Western Week has changed in the past decade and nostalgia for the good days of Western Week prevails in peoples' minds.

2023 marks one of the first years in several when a large committee of citizens, led by members of the Chamber of Commerce, laid forth a vision to make Western Week great again. 2023 begins a three-year plan to grow Western Week back to a week long event culminating in a full three-day weekend of events and activities at the Bee County Expo center.

This first year, the committee's goal is to fill one full day of events and activities. With the Expo Center unavailable the dates of Western Week, this first comeback year will be hosted downtown in the pavilion square and public lots behind Washington Street. A full day of activities is planned and the committee is going to great lengths to involve pivotal county organizations and businesses to make this truly a community-wide effort.

Click each tab to discover all we have planned to celebrate our city, our county, our traditions & our heritage.

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